How do I deploy GE on Azure?

We have Azure Synapse for Data Warehousing and on-prem MySQL DB for OLTP. Once we pull the on-prem data, everything runs in Azure.

How do I deploy GE on Azure?

We don’t have a specific recommendation for this deployment. Inviting the community members who are using GE on Azure to chime me.

What I mean is, what would be the ideal way to run GE in Azure? Options are:

  • In a VM
  • Azure Container Instance
  • Azure Kubernetes Service

I have on-prem MySQL database, data is moved to Azure Data Lake storage, then to Azure Synapse Data Warehouse. I would like to test in between these 3 stages. Everything is in Azure, so I would like to store GE metadata and data docs in there. My goal is the checks against integration tests and data quality tests.