How do I use rotating secrets from AWS Secrets Manager with GE's datasource credentials?

I am using GE to run assertions against a dataset in Redshift!

Our Redshift cluster requires us to use rotating secrets via AWS secrets manager. In this connection method, an IAM user is granted a temporary username and password with access to our Redshift cluster for 900 seconds. This secret is obtained via a method in boto3 (get_cluster_credentials)

My understanding is that GE datasources can currently only be configured to use hardcoded credentials. Is it possible to run GE using temporary credentials obtained at runtime?

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Was able to figure this out with some help.

  1. Configure the Redshift datasource to use environmental variables, as Eugene explained in this helpful post.
        class_name: SqlAlchemyDatasource
            class_name: SqlAlchemyDataset
            drivername: postgresql+psycopg2
            host: myRedshiftHost
            port: '5439'
            database: myRedshiftDb
            username: ${GE_REDSHIFT_USERNAME}
            password: ${GE_REDSHIFT_PASSWORD}
  1. Before invoking GE, set environmental variables using a separate python script. See this StackOverflow post for an explanation of how to do in boto3.
    cluster_creds = boto3.client('redshift').get_cluster_credentials(DbUser=RedshiftUser,
os.environ['GE_REDSHIFT_USERNAME'] = cluster_creds['DbUser']
os.environ['GE_REDSHIFT_PASSWORD'] = cluster_creds['DbPassword']
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