How to get the list of expectations supported by a datasource?


We are looking for a function to programmatically fetch the list of expectations.
Even better would be a way to fetch only the expectations supported by a given datasource.

Maybe this exists already and is used to generate this table of the Documentation :books:!?


Not an expert, but I’ve been toying with a similar issue. If you’re in pre-v0.13 territory, you can create a batch and then use the inspect python module module to see all of the available expect_whatever() functions (and their arguments) using the getmembers() function.

In v0.13+ land, I think you can do the same but with a validator, though getting the specific arguments can be a little harder since the functions are now more generic. Haven’t quite cracked that part yet

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The table of implemented Expectations by backend is currently maintained manually.

The direction that Ryan is pointing is correct, but we don’t have an official code snippet for it.

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